Just look at YOU, Spirulina! With all of your special qualities, why be modest?? Everyone should see your beauty in all its blue-green algae goodness! This luscious sea plant is made of vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, antioxidants and is rich in protein.

Let me present to you the magazine in your doctors office that says you can do, "these five things to trim your waist." Social media advertises the slimming pill of the nation. You can drink your waist away with this detoxing drink that will make you want to stuff your face with everything in sight.

 Everything that I post on here are all products that come from a company called Onnit, to me seems to be one of the best health, fitness, and supplement companies out there.  The one thing that I really admire about this company is that they go to a great extent to prove that their products are as good as they claim.